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      Professional Achievement Quality, Innovation Leads the Future
      Current location: Home > Technological innovation > Application area

      Large-scale insulation tent

      Tent refers to temporary or permanent building that is composed of alloy material or steel structure framework and tarpaulin. It can be used for short-term outdoor activities, or large-area, big-span, and quick-attach-detach temporary or permanent works. Tent stems from Europe. It is different from ordinary tents and is equivalent to a temporary building. It is safe and reliable, and can be quickly built according to different types of the fields, and has such features as convenient disassembly and transportation, diversified combination, etc.

      ent industry is still in its infancy in China, and there are few people know it. It is widely used in aviation building, port and sea transportation building, sports building, bulk-storage construction, industrial building, commercial building, military tenet, temporary housing, and other fields. Among them, in the field of military applications, as the tent’s structure is standard and unitary, it can be transported to all over the world by plane or ship; in temporary housing, it can make it warm in winter and cool in summer, with short construction period and low cost. It is undoubtedly a rational choice to the victims of a natural calamity, and can be used as a semi-permanent building; in commercial buildings, tent can make full use of natural light, so it saves the economic cost for the owners, and the customers can close to nature; in port construction, tents’ truss structure is especially suitable for the repair in marine facilities, large ships’ storage, wharf’s shelter, barge’s storage in winter, maintenance hangar, paint booth and wharf maintenance buildings; in bulk-storage construction, tent is flexible enough to reduce the sensibility of the uneven settlement on foundation, and the maintenance costs is much lower than the traditional mass storage architectures.

      The production of large-scale insulation tent cloth in this project is specialized for making large-scale insulation tent. The product uses the Norwegian transfer technology. Its structure is special. It uses the 2-3 layers coated fabrics, and the base cloth uses PU, PVC, rubber or other complex solutions, and is embedded with insulation materials. The large-scale insulation tent has a good heat preservation function, and has self-cleaning function as showed in the experimental date on the list below. The colour fastness of flexible textile used by the production can reach level 5, the ageing resistance reaches the requirement of GB/T18244 standard, flame retardant reaches GB/T8624-2006 B standard, hygiene standard meets American ASTMF963-08, the EU EN14732 standard, EU general chemical REACH requirement, mould proof performance reaches GB/T24346-2009 standard, structural refractory reaches level 2, seismic fortification intensity: eight degree, wind load resistance: 0.8KN/㎡, snow load resistance: 0.8KN/㎡. The tent goes into constant temperature at low temperature. Under the condition of no heating, when the outdoor temperature changes among minus 37degree to minus 11 degree, it can still reach 4 degree in the tent.

      Time Place Outdoor temperature ℃ Indoor temperature ℃ Temperature difference ℃
      2013 January Xinjiang -15-40℃ 0-5℃ 30℃
      2013 July Xinjiang 42℃ (cloth cover 70℃) 28℃ 14℃

      It is clear that this large-scale insulation tent cloth has outstanding competitive advantages and it is ideal fabric for producing medium/high grade energy-saving insulation tenets.

      Recycled PET industrial yarn

      The polyester industry develops quickly around the world. However petroleum is non-renewable resource, and according to the current situation and development tendency, the oil wells can maintain for 30 years at most. So it is particularly important to look for new raw materials and waste treatment methods. Recycling and using the waste polyester yarn has become a strategic target for national development. As countries have intensified its efforts for waste yarn’s recycle, the renewable polyester products will have a lot of growth in the next few years.

      Different from most native polyester yarns that are used for spinning and weaving, the purpose of the recycled products perform a differentiation trend obviously, and continue to widen. At present, the application of the recycled products have covered nonwoven fabrics, carpets, cars, textiles and other fields.

      There are many manufacturers of non0woven geo-textiles in our country, but the high cost of raw materials makes it difficult to widespread popularization and application. The recycled polyester fibers can promote the application of geo-textiles because they are cheap and competitive in price. At present, Japan has relatively mature experience in using renewable fiber geo-textile. Taken together, the recycled polyester fiber non-woven materials have a very wide range of application and they are used for construction, waterproof materials used in railway and highway, vegetable belt or soilless cultivation, interior materials in auto, clothing, furniture and other areas.

      The differential recycled polyester industrial yarn in this project can be used for geo-textiles, non-woven cloth, waterproof materials for railway and highway, carpet, textile, automotive textiles and other areas. It can partly replace the native products.

      Main process is as follows:

      (1) Granulating process of waste polyester silk

      Waste polyester silk → Polyester material block →Melting → Bubble material → Bubble material transportation → Warp knitted wastes → Drying → Screw melting → Homogenization → Melt filtration → Recycled polyester granulation

      (2)Solid phase polymerization process

      Super bright PET chip (recycled chip) → Batch charging → Intermediate storage → Air transportation →Solid phase polymerization→ Nitrogen transportation → High-viscosity chip bin

      (3)Spinning, drawing and winding process

      Recycled high-viscosity chip → Screw extruder → Spinning manifold → Spinning pump → Components → Spinneret plate → Rear heater → Slow cooling area → Cooling quench → Spinning channel →Apply oil → Drawing → Primary drawing → Secondary drawing → Tertiary drawing → Heat setting → Loose setting → Winding → Grading → Packaging and storage

      Follow us
      Zhejiang Kingsway High-Tech Fiber Co., Ltd.
      Add:1 Yongsheng Road, Dingqiao Town, Haining City, Zhejiang Province, China
      Tel: 0573-89267605
      For domestic: (+86)15257581372
      For export:(+86)0573-89267638
      E-mail: ksysales@kingswayfiber.com
      About us
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